Integrate Your Couriers

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Multichannel Courier Management

Automated Courier Services and Order Dispatch

ChannelGrabber allows you to automate your order dispatches with your favourite courier services. ChannelGrabber is also integrated with Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online (RMDMO).

The Royal Mail DMO is designed to help you export your order dispatches, print barcoded labels and report on your shipping activity. This allows you to save time on shipping and focus on building your business.

Synchronised Consignment Creation

In ChannelGrabber you can select the courier you want to use and then automate the consignment creation. You can even create, modify your shipping manifests and print out your mailing labels - saving you time in copying and pasting your customer address details.

Courier Management
courier management

Improve Your Customer Experience

Automating your delivery schedules allows you to improve your customer service levels and overall communications. This is essential for building your business brand and online reputation.

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