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Multichannel Stock Management

Inventory Management

ChannelGrabber is the UK's leading multi-channel eCommerce software giving sellers like you, the power to manage your stock inventory using one login. Our pioneering technology helps you manage your stock level in one centralised location keeping all your sales channels in sync.

Quickly understand and manage your products' quantities, SKU's, variations, images, location and details, with data transfers to all major marketplaces including: eBay, Amazon, Rakuten and even your own webstores. Manage your inventory Products and Variations; you can have an unlimited amount of products and variations.

ChannelGrabber supports multi-variations, bundles of products (Bill of Materials / Composites) and other advanced products.

Creating Multi-Variation Products

multichannel inventory management

ChannelGrabber lets you have a fully tailored variation tree for the simplest way to create and manage variation products.

Stock Level Management

Through ChannelGrabber you can eliminate overselling whilst still offering your entire stock for sale everywhere, including eBay stock management, Amazon stock management and Rakuten stock management.

ChannelGrabber also allows you to easily upload CSV files for mass data transfers across all your sales channels.

multi-channel stock management
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