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Comprehensive webstore integrations from £20 per month.

Multichannel Webstores Integration

Webstore Management and Integrations

When we think of multi-channel eCommerce we don't just mean the traditional marketplaces such as, eBay, Amazon and Play (Rakuten). Multi-channel eCommerce also includes your webstores too.

Grow your sales and profit margins faster from your webstore accounts when you integrate them with ChannelGrabber.

Webstore Integrations

ChannelGrabber provides comprehensive webstore modules to help you integrate your orders and stock management including product listings. The more stores you integrate; the more cost effective it becomes to help grow your business online. You can display all your orders from your webstore and also create new listings on your webstore through ChannelGrabber.

This includes; ekmPowershop, OpenCart, Bigcommerce, EasyWebStore, Magento, Shopify plus many more.

multi-channel webstore integration
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