Online retail customers consistently cite the quality and timeliness of vendor communication as one of the most important components of the customer experience. What is more, message response is referenced time and time again in seller ratings and feedback scores. But lack of response, late replies, duplicated replies or errors in customer or order association plague so many online retail customer relationships.

Picking up, reading and responding to customer messages can be time consuming for vendors when selling through a single sales channel but when you sell through multiple sales channels, the laborious process of logging in to multiple web applications, downloading and refreshing messages, searching through message threads and negotiating character limits become the stuff of nightmares!

What is more, if you need to look up customer order or contact histories before taking an action, the process can be very complex indeed involving moving between multiple screens and menus. Imagine if you managed your email or other communications this way. It’s no wonder messages are missed and errors are frequently made.

Most of us have become accustomed to unified messaging with a single piece of software being used to draw on all of our messaging accounts and repositories, displaying them and facilitating interaction and response from a single user interface. So, when so much is at stake, why can’t the same be achieved with ecommerce messaging?


ChannelGrabber solves these problems by providing a single, fully-integrated system with one user interface, and one location from which you can manage messages to and from all of your outlets.

That’s because ChannelGrabber integrates seamlessly with your webstore, eBay and Amazon. It enables you to manage your customer communication with speed, efficiency and accuracy.

The table below outlines ChannelGrabber’s shipping functionality and the business benefits of each.

Functionality Specifics Benefits
View and Reply To eBay and Amazon Enquiries & Order Messages View and reply to/resolve all customer enquiries in a uniform format and in one place rather than two different systems and interfaces

Save time and avoid human error / missed messages

  Messages are linked to orders automatically so it’s easy to see which order every message is refering to in ChannelGrabber

Improve customer service leading to better feedback and repeat custom

Assign Messages to Different Users Split up the workload and ensure every customer gets an answer from the relevant person by allocating messages to different users registered on your account

Improving the response time and handling of messages, therefore improving the customers’ experience

Search Function to Isolate Specific Messages/Customers Easily search for a customer’s name and all messages from that customer wil be grouped together

Make customer service and dispute resolution simpler and quicker

Messaging is just one of the many great features of ChannelGrabber. It is a suite of tools designed to manage every aspect of online retail administration. ChannelGrabber integrates with all your sales channels, couriers and more and helps you with product listings, inventory management, order management, invoicing and shipping. With ChannelGrabber, you’ll feel like you’re managing one business again – not many and it saves you so much time, it will feel like you have a new – and very efficient member of your team!