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Customer Reviews
At ChannelGrabber, we pride ourselves on the solutions we provide and the high quality service that our team provides. This is reflected in the sample of our customer reviews below.
Five Star Party Supplies
If you are looking for a software program that manages your orders and stock, this is the one.
I started using channel grabber appx 1 year ago and what can I say I have not looked back. The software is very simple to use has great functionality from controlling your stock for multi channels from your website to ebay and amazon and more, you can send your invoices via email at the hit of a button or even have it send them automatically when you dispatch your items.

It is so simple to process all of your orders in one place and answer message in one place too. This saves me a vast amount of time each week processing orders to answering customer queries as the process is so streamline with this package.

I have found the customer service exceptional any time I have had to contact them, and this for me is a big deal. As a business owner customer service is high on my agenda for my own customers so I have extremely high standards and I expect nothing less from the companies I deal with and what can I say Channel Grabber have delivered.

There are more exciting things to come with this program they have recently just launched integration with Etsy and multi listing software which is going to be a massive time saver again for my business.

I would not have any hesitation in recommending Channel Grabber. If you are looking for a software program that manages your orders and stock, this is the one.
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Gentry Choice
Super star service
I have tried a few other solutions for inventory syncing between my multiple sales channels but nothing has been as good experience as with Channel Grabber. The inventory sync is amazingly fast. Support is always available and responsive fairly quick. I see the guys are continuously improving the product features and extending customer experience. Plus 100 orders free a month is a absolutely a great bargain especially for small businesses. i look forward to product price updates features and believe the guys are already working on it.

Cheers Channel Grabber. all the best and keep up the good work
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Square Circles Retail Ltd (Vape Discounts)
Saves countless hours every week and time = money
Using for 4 months, Does what its supposed to do without much hassle occasionally errors occur but they are always resolved quickly by the team, they are constantly bringing out beta features just seems they are interested in making the product better and better which is good, but i think they do need to concentrate on making the basic functions 100%. They are not bad but as mentioned minor errors can occur which need to be ironed out.

Interface is simple and bloat free which is excellent in my opinion nothing there that does not need to be. Saves countless hours every week and time = money. Price is fair for the hours it saves not the cheapest out there but wont be looking anywhere else anytime soon.

Overall 5 Stars few minor issues but seem to be getting sorted and CS are quick to respond by phone and chat.
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Demon Motorsport
An excellent solution for our business
We have been using the software for many years and have found it to be an excellent solution for our business and our cross platform selling on ebay and amazon.

Excellent Tech support from Dan and Michael. they have really helped us out when we have had issues with ebay..

Top stuff keep it up...
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A huge saver of time for us
This is a huge time saver for us and should we need any help it's always easy to ask the questions and receive a timely and helpful reply. It feels like a very personal service for us, you don't feel like you are talking to some strange computer robot....(Ebay please note with your automated replies), you do get a real person.

No more trying to split our stock between website and Ebay, brilliant....there's lots more features we haven't even gotten around to using yet....we are not the most technical people so it's obviously easy to use too!
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Neo Max SRL
Best service ever!
Best service ever, we are using it since 5 years now and we are very satisfied with it. I enjoy the contact with the people working there, fast and professional replies and a lot of patience for a newbie as I am. Thank you guys for all!
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Westwell Evans Ltd (Apricot Whirl)
Good value integrator
Free if you have less than 100 orders a month, then £65 up to 300, and £20 increases with 21 levels, which you can upgrade or downgrade to as required, so well worth giving it a try.

Synchronizes most ecommerce platforms, Amazon, eBay and couriers with orders, stock, messages and printing invoices (which you can customise), postage labels, etc. Also some accounting packages, through a third party plugin (costs more!)

Could do with more integrations, marketplaces and especially epos (only 2 currently) for omnichannel retailers, although there is an API, for those who can write code.

Support is very good. They seem to try to understand the problem before attempting a fix.

No reports, apart from a basic sales graph, but that's not what they do, perhaps an opportunity there 😉
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CakeCraft World Ltd
A must-have tool to manage your Amazon, Ebay and other sales platforms
OK, if you were like me and frustrated with trying to manage your orders with Amazon Seller Central then Channel Grabber is a must-have! We had hundreds of orders a day coming in from Amazon but no way to manage them. Amazon doesn't supply any kind of useful order management system, we didn't know what orders had been printed and it was a very slow process to copy and print delivery labels. My staff couldn't do refunds (now only the account holder can do this in Amazon Seller Central) so therefore I was interrupted on holiday to do Amazon refunds and getting more frustrated. Perhaps they just want you to go down the FBA route?! but if you have your own fulfilment facility you don't want to do this.

Channel Grabber takes all this away, it manages all our Amazon and Ebay orders and sends the despatch confirmation to customers. One particular facility we like was the capability to precisely create a customer's invoice. Therefore if you use paper with a peel off address label you can get the address exactly positioned and looking perfect. There are more facilities to this online platform so give it a go with their free trial.

Support was great with sorting out any little niggles.
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Land Rover
Brilliant piece of software, excellent support team!
We have just finished the 13 day trial. There has been a couple of small issues but these were jumped on and sorted very very quickly! The system is very intuitive, easy to use and easy to set up. It's also very fast and seems to work with everyone!

The fact that we finished our trial and signed straight up to one of their subscriptions says it all. We are looking forward to working with them as we grow our business to the next level.
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Nutty Plum
A must for multi-channel sellers
Very good product indeed. Initial set up was easy, configuring invoices etc. was simple to do, adding in new products is very straightforward but most of all it is extremely reliable and just works.

Over the very busy Christmas period we had absolutely no issues with over-selling or missed orders whatsoever. I haven't really had much reason to use the support, but when I have they've been excellent. Answered my question with a "real" answer rather than a convoluted technical response.

Overall, I'd recommend this product extremely highly indeed. Very happy customer!
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Fazaltex UK Ltd
Very Reliable for Stock Management and invoicing
Channel Grabber is Very Reliable for Stock Management and invoicing

Royal mail Labels should show SKUs as it really helpful while packing the parcels.

Support was almost 24/7 online which is really amazing.

You can mange multi channel sales under one roof, Send custom designed invoices to all your customers in one click.

Messaging from all channels can be manage able in one program channel grabber.

Team is really helpful and pricing is pay as you go. No fixed fee , if you sell more you pay more. If you sell less, you pay less.
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Purrfect Cat Gifts
Hugely beneficial in driving my business forward
I probably picked a bad time of year to trial Channel Grabber as limited support, but I have to say their daily emails and user guides got me through, there has been a couple of products which have not been imported but I am sure there is a simple explanation or just cockpit error

Having never used anything like this and never really understanding the huge importance of matching SKU's I had my work cut out before I could really get my teeth into other aspects of what they had to offer but I am slowly getting my head around it and know it will be hugely beneficial in driving my business forward.

I am just looking forward to the day that they implement a way of being able to upload a product on here and it then distributing itself across all the sites.

But for now I will just keep on Grabbing!
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Novo 45 Ltd (Airedale Yarns)
Almost perfect! Easy to setup and use and has an intuitive GUI
I have so far found Channel Grabber (CG) really easy to set up with my company details and the channels we use. The interface is also easy to find your way around (without instructions!), but has the right amount of tools to make the system efficient. I have tried a lot of these systems lately and I have found that CG have thought about how real people would use and process orders an so this works well. Another nice touch is the ability to create (different) invoices for different trading names and have these map to sales channels - a real time saver. Great connections to shipping and sales channels.

Although for us there is one missing - Etsy, so that's the only reason for 4 stars.
I believe the guy's at CG will be working on an Etsy connection at some point in the future. There is an API though, so you can connect to anything you like (with a bit of coding)! I haven't had any problems, but have contacted support about general Q's and response has been quick and detailed.
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Bridgend Garden Centre Ltd
I have been using ChannelGrabber for 5 years
I have been using ChannelGrabber for 5 years now as I have a website and eBay. Having ChannelGrabber in the middle makes life working both sites a lot easier. The guys are always there to help with any problems you just submit a ticket and your question gets answered quickly. Thank you guys 🙂
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Agrumia Limited
Great tool...
After trying half dozen of software solutions out there, I have finally found what I was looking for. Not to mention the great customer service, always there when needed.
Keep it up a good job 🙂
Agrumia Ltd
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Gigolo Menswear
I would highly recommend ChanneGrabber to all online retail
What was good about this product or service overall?
great fast efficient service, not once did we have any of our products over sell thanks to the speed that it was removed from all the other channel's that they where listed on, and because of this i am sure is why we were able to build up a lot of positive feedback on ebay and all the amazon channel's that our products are listed on, which helped us to build up a good reputation with customers which inevitably led to us having increased sales and a much improved turnover.

Could anything have been better?
All was perfect.

How was the support?
Very quick and always helpful.
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John Townsend
I've used a lot of software over the years, this is clean, neat and I reckon, good value for money
Extremely easy to use with a very logical flow, it saves a lot of rummaging about in eBay and Amazon, and so saves hours of messing about keeping track of things. The User order interface is very well designed and the link between orders/messages/site is very neat.

Very easy to set up
Very easy to import products
Order interface very well designed
Good value for small/medium business
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Charlie Crow
We have found Channelgrabber easy to use
We have found Channelgrabber easy to use. It has been very helpful with both listing our eBay products, managing stock levels, processing deliveries and automating parts of our despatching process.
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I trialled a lot of multi channel software and this is by far the best
The ease of which you can specify different invoice templates for different sales channels is a real plus. All sales and messages come through very quickly unlike with other platforms I have tried.

The time I save printing from one place is were I really benefit, freeing up time to source new products.
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Stylo Direct
The software does exactly what its says. Enables us to sync stock levels and process orders
Customer Service is one of the best around
Stock Sync,
Order Processing,
Easy to Use.
Saves us alot of time by using this product.

There are not many bad points about this product it does exactly what it says on the tin.
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Sprockets Ltd
Simple to use, makes listing products on eBay a breeze!
It's a very useful tool for product listings and inventory management. The customer service is excellent, and issues are rare. Great eBay listing tool!
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ADL Components Ltd
Very easy to set up
Not being a wizz on computers, I'm finding it surprisingly simple to set up and understand. I think this software will make my life easier. Stock management should prove to be easier to manage and allow us to grow quicker.
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Has helped me automate my invoices across all platforms, making doing my accounts much easier
Once you learn the way around it, it is very fast to find an invoice and print it off, or send a copy to the customer if they need another one.
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Simple and time saving!
Simple to setup. I've had a little experience with this sort of software before, but anyone could do it with a bit of research and manual reading. CG have good user guide pages which should help you through any questions. If you don't find the answers you need there's always help chat and they'll speak to you on the phone if you need. All my advisors have been most helpful - Sam, Ayaz and Claire have always come back to quickly and efficiently. Now the system is all up and running it really saves time as you can see orders, shipping, messages, and stock levels in one place. We use DPD local for our shipping and CG works really well for label printing and tracking of our orders. Good job guys!
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ChannelGrabber has streamlined all my channels, creating less work and improving productivity
I find it very easy to use and far less cluttered in comparison to other software available. I open Channel Grabber in the morning, click new orders, highlight them and press print, need it be any simpler, I think not. Customised invoicing that enables you to tailor your requirements to the customer.
Very effective order information layout from each purchase, and now orders are grouped together for buyers purchasing multiple items, this is great!
Most off all the customer service is impeccable, never have I been kept waiting longer than a minute or so, I think the strength and popularity of Channel Grabber has been achieved through simple software and fantastic customer service, something other e commerce platforms can not offer.
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DD Trading
Really easy when you understand the basics of how it works. Amazingly friendly customer service!
It does exactly what we need! It keeps the stock file in order, and can be intergrated with other websites and software packages.
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Ideal Hair and Beauty
Great easy to use software that has saved me time and my Ebay/Amazon ratings
Having 5 shops across multiple channels was a nightmare to keep on top of stock levels. Now with channelgrabber it updates them all in one click! Also printing pick lists and invoices and replying to all messages in one place is a great time saver.
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Neo Max SRL
Very light interface, so easy to do a lot of things!
Multichannel, communication module incorporated (no need to deal with amazon and eBay page anymore for replying to customers), very quick.
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Discount Sports Superstore
A great value simple to use piece of software, that comes with 5 star support
It manages my stock between selling channels with very little problems, the support service it great to, and best of all its good value compared with its competitors.
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Top Rank Sport
I wouldn't know what to do without it
I have used channel grabber to manage our stock level on our online store, in store, ebay and amazon channels. To be honest I wouldn't know what to do without it now. It has helped our business grow dramatically. Would certainly recommend to anyone.
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Just German Parts Limited
Excellent Platform For Cross Channel Selling
Excellent platform for cross channel selling. Extreamly helpful staff on hand whenever you have a problem. Would definately reccommend!
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Pitts Presentation
Amazing service and very helpful. Always have an answer and can help you at any time! They get back to you quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend this to another company. They have made doing invoices a lot easier for my company. It was taking up a lot of time and now I have no worries!
This online machine is very useful. Helps with many different online shopping website e.g. Amazon and Shopify.
Many thanks ChannelGrabber for helping us find a quicker and easier way. The only thing is that it is rather expensive but it is very much worth the money.
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The Big Card Company
ChannelGrabber Saves Valuable Time on Invoice Requests
Decided to try this after looking for help on Amazon forums with sending VAT invoices which I was struggling to keep up with. Very easy to set up with the help of the ChannelGrabber team.
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Discount Clothing Direct
A Must Have Tool, Made Easy By ChannelGrabber
ChannelGrabber has been fantastic. Just what we needed to carry out our daily postage for our orders. Simply click and print and the labels are ready for the parcel. After entering the weights ChannelGrabber remembers these and they are there for the next time you need to post this item and others. I love the idea that ChannelGrabber can email an invoice to the customer so they should know when their item has been dispatched, you can include tracking information to the email and invoice with ease. Most of what ChannelGrabber does can be achieved with 1 or 2 clicks.
If you need help, it’s never far away, just live chat from within ChannelGrabber and the team gets back to you instantly. If you miss a reply it is emailed to you. Fantastic.
We have been using ChannelGrabber for 4 weeks and I honestly can say it is the best order management dispatch system I have ever used, and trust me, I have tried many.
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The Pram Handwarmer Company
Their support is great - always eager to help
If you need straight forward system to monitor your stock and create invoices on Amazon and EBay then ChannelGrabber is the right thing for you. I have been using them for last 6 months and it works great. Their support is great always eager to help.
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Just gets better and simpler to use with each innovation the developers implement
We have used ChannelGrabber for 18 months now and it has changed and progressed beyond what we first expected. We are constantly updated on new added features. The guys on the message services and phone contact are very easy to work with and can handle most issues whilst you’re talking to them. In my view, the system just gets better and simpler to use with each innovation the developers implement.
We looked at several integrated software systems that were on offer when we decided to take a system on board. Glad to say I think we made the correct choice. Keep it up.
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Easy to use and a great time saver. What’s not to like?
This product is easy to recommend. It is really simple to use and customise, fully scalable to suit expanding or seasonal businesses and capable of producing invoices in multiple VAT jurisdictions. The ChannelGrabber tech team are just a phone call away and are available to help new (and continuing) users. They are equally responsive to emails. The team are also proactive in making sure the product keeps up with the ever-changing needs of online commerce and are good at keeping users informed of any new developments. Considering the amount of time we have saved by using this product it is amazingly good value for money and we only wish we had started to use it sooner.
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Brilor Group
ChannelGrabber Is Quick and Easy To Use
We signed up for ChannelGrabber early this year as we needed a simple system to bring all of our multi-channel sales orders together into one place ready for processing. ChannelGrabber does exactly that very effectively and efficiently. It also has numerous other features that we do not use and which do not get in the way to impede our progress. The ChannelGrabber support team are always keen to help to overcome any snags. Overall ChannelGrabber is quck and easy to use with a good interface…and above all its competitively priced! Great System.
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Carnegie Products
ChannelGrabber’s Great for Automating Invoices
sell a product often bought by businesses requiring a VAT invoice. I searched all over for a platform that could automatically send invoices to my customers after each purchase. I finally found ChannelGrabber and it does a great job. I’ve had great ratings since setting it up. Customers are really please to get a VAT invoice sent to them automatically. I’m really pleased I don’t have to do it manually!
It is all very easy to use and when I’ve needed help the chat messages are great and a real time saver.
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Eurozone Brands Limited
Does exactly what we need with the platforms we use. Sped up the way we despatch by at least a day. Seriously. I have suggested a few things to the guys and they’ve implemented within days for us. Amazing. Support is always on hand. I am on first name terms with them now.
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E A Canvas
A Worthwhile Investment
Been using ChannelGrabber for a few months now, we have had the odd issue but they were very helpful and quick to resolve the problems. The amount of time you save processing your orders and automatically sending your customers Vat invoices makes it a worthwhile investment.
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Fin Fashion
Very clean looking software and easy to use
Just finished my 14 day trial and I’ve subscribed! Very clean looking software and easy to use. I have had some issues with every product coming in, but this is in the process of being resolved. I use WooCommerce, Ebay and Amazon. I really hope they develop the functionality quickly as there is so much more that can be done. Little things like importing the Bin number from WooCommerce and displaying the prices on the product page would be a great start. I understand cross checking the listings so that you can upload to the missing channels is a far bigger job but one I hope for in the future. Its great to have support on UK timezones and they usually answer within an hour or so. Onwards and upwards, I hope I’m using lots of new functionality in a few months time so that I can sing the praises to five stars! Great start ChannelGrabber!
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Midland Textiles
Amazing Software and Great Service
We have been using this software for more than a year now, over this time many new features have been added. The time it saves is worth ever penny. It’s a pleasure to use everyday. The new Royal Mail integration is a one click dispatch button. Thanks for all your help and keep coming up with the new addons.
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Kiddies Korner
A Fantastic Company!
Order hub have really impressed me as our small business has grown. Having a simple way to process orders and deal with the dreaded VAT receipts has been a weight off our minds. Not only that but we find we have more time now than before to do other things in the office as this process has streamlined the processing of orders.
The system is easy to use and our invoices can be easily customised to advertise new products or add new information.
I'll be honest, there are cheaper companies out there that will do similar things but I found that the one-to-one help from OH has been worth every penny. Customer service goes a long way these days and I can't fault these guys at all. I've dealt with so many companies in our years of business that have promised us the world to get us to sign up and then once we're on never hear from them again.
I've been contacted personally by members of the team on a number of occasions now. They ring to note any concerns, to see if we're happy, to see if WE would suggest any improvements with how we run our business. This alone is one of the main reasons that I pay for this service. Every single time, my individual queries are dealt with in a very polite and professional way. I'm made aware of updates to the system and things that they're working on.
It's a piece of mind knowing that I can contact them by email and get a response within a very short time. I have already suggested them to other sellers in forums as I have been so impressed with the service.
A fantastic company with a great team!
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Very Pleased and Simple to Use
After trying various all in one packages to manage order processing, stock control, product details etc this system is by far the most reliable, by only managing the orders and stock levels this seems to work without fault which as an online shop selling on ebay and amazon a system like this is vital to our day to day running. We are very pleased with this and will certainly continue to use it for the future.
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The Best Product in Its Category
ChannelGrabber is the best product in its category. Managing our website, ebay and Amazon orders via each of their interfaces was becoming a major chore and taking time out of our day, so we needed something to cut that time in half. ChannelGrabber cut the time down to about 10% of what it was, with the added benefit of being able to issue a customer VAT receipt in one click when required, which was previously a lengthy job. OrderHub is our main tool on a day to day basis and does the job exceptionally well.
Knowing that this tool was of major importance to our business, I spent a lot of time researching all of the market players I could find and eventually trialed four products, which ended up being the top reviewed ones on various software websites. One didn't make it beyond a few minutes, another lasted a couple of hours and one lasted about a week, before I eventually got too frustrated with at least one issue I considered a major flaw within each (functional or interface related).
ChannelGrabber wasn't the first or the last I tried, so I had experience of using others before I trialed it and it wasn't the "last hope" as I tested others afterwards. Initially I thought ChannelGrabber was too simple and actually dismissed it as an option. Fortunately, after comparing all four products using our live selling accounts, I went back to OrderHub and realised its simplicity is what makes it incredibly good. The others massively over-complicate what actually IS a simple task. While they look like they do more or appear to be a more "mature" product, this is just a perception, as they all make the same mistake of cluttering what is a straightforward task.
If I had one criticism, it would be that the stock management is too simplistic for our needs. While managing stock purely from a SKU count will work for a lot of people, we need to hold items by serial number, grouped by SKU. However, if you do your research too, you'll find there are virtually no other competitor products offering this, and the ones that do, don't do a particularly good job of it. There is an API available which can be used to link a 3rd party stock management system to ChannelGrabber, but we're unsure whether we can afford to pay somebody to do this at present.
ChannelGrabber as a product is excellent and so are the team that support it. I couldn't give a higher recommendation.
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Editors Keys
Great Fulfilment System
We’ve shopped around a long time for a good fulfilment system which doesn’t break the bank. Occasionaly you’ll find a good one, but the cost is more expensive per month than getting another member of staff, or the features just are not there.
Then we found ChannelGrabber… it’s beautiful to look at, simple to use and has all the features you need and nothing you don’t don’t need.
I trained my staff in about 10 mins, that’s how easier it is to use.
The team behind it are also very helpful and have worked with us to make the system even better with full support for couriers.
I’d rank it a high 9/10 (If it gets Magento support it will be 10/10!)
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Printer Shop
Very Easy to Set Up – Perfect to Help a Small Online Retailer
We began using ChannelGrabber in March 2015 and we honestly do not know how we would cope without it now. ChannelGrabber easily integrates our inventory management and dispatch processes for eBay and Amazon marketplaces and is easily equipped to also manage the same process for our website, powered by ekmPowershop when we launch it officially next year.
From keeping easy tabs on our units in stock, to bulk printing of invoices with a very handy consolidated picking list, the system has truly allowed us to spend more time on what we do best – sell online! We’ve managed to ‘mirror’ items on both marketplaces without worrying about overselling as the system automatically updates stock on all marketplaces when a sale takes place.
Having a flexible monthly subscription is perfect for any small business looking to expand, as it means you can have a subscription that reflects your needs without spending out hundreds and thousands of pounds for a system that isn’t right for you.
We have seen many helpful and innovative changes to the system in the past 9 months, and hope to continue using the system in the future as we know it moves with our business needs.
ChannelGrabber have been incredibly responsive to e-mails if we have any issues so we know that they can be trusted to resolve something if it occurs. They regularly reach out for feedback on new features and keep up with the ever changing demands of selling online.
We would invite any online trader to try out ChannelGrabber and see how it can work for your business. Well done ChannelGrabber, keep it up!
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Expert Computer Disposals
It’s Hard to Find a Good Service but you will get one with ChannelGrabber!
This team works tirelessly to provide you fantastic support. Whether its through email or on the phone, these guys keep you updated and are fast to help if you have any problems.
ChannelGrabber is getting better and better and improvements continue to come.
It’s very hard to find a good service, but you will get one with ChannelGrabber.
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The Craft Corner
It is the little things that make me smile with ChannelGrabber
I can’t say I haven’t had some major problems importing all my items into ChannelGrabber as I have, however what I can honestly say is that the guys have bent over backwards getting all my issues resolved. They are helpful on the online chat and email and are very friendly on the phone.
It is the little things that make me smile with ChannelGrabber. When I log on I get some funny little sayings at the loading screen about bribing Amazon with donuts which means I can spend the morning packing my parcels with a smile on my face.
I was unsure if this would be of any help when I first trialed it but it has made life a lot easier. I only need to look in one place now and know that my stock levels across my EKM Powershop, eBay and Amazon are all correct. I would recommend taking the 30 day trial and see how it can change your mind.
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