Multi-Channel eCommerce Shipping

Simplify your multi-channel eCommerce shipping management process with ChannelGrabber.

The Challenge

The culmination of every sale, and arguably the most important step, is the prompt picking, packing, dispatch and shipping of the goods to your customer. Apart from the product itself, it’s probably the stage in the process upon which the customer most heavily bases their judgement of your service. Speed and accuracy are critical.

When selling through a single sales channel, the process can be time-consuming and complex, and this multiplies significantly when it comes to handling orders derived from multiple sales channels. Even accessing your orders requires logging in to several different systems each with their own login credentials, workflow and user interface. First there’s the application of shipping rules, label printing and invoicing. Then dispatch confirmation and customer messaging and the provision of tracking information – for each and every order in every single system!

This complexity inhibits your performance, introduces delays and errors and ultimately impacts customer satisfaction. This, in turn, results in poor seller ratings which hurt your seller reputation and put future sales at risk. Poorly managed eCommerce shipping can be the downfall of any online retailer.

ChannelGrabber’s Shipping Solution

ChannelGrabber solves these problems by providing a single, fully-integrated system with one user interface, and one location from which you can manage the shipping of orders across all of your outlets.

That’s because ChannelGrabber integrates seamlessly with your webstore, eBay, Amazon and many other sales channels. It enables you to manage the shipping process holistically, with speed, efficiency and accuracy.



Ship Orders from Multiple Channels

Connects with your webstore, eBay and Amazon and more, enabling you to print courier labels faster than ever before, ship via multiple couriers from one location and reduce your dispatch times - eCommerce shipping made easy!

Smart Shipping rules

Create smart shipping rules so that your most used services are selected by default. Advanced filters allow you to create labels based on any metric you like.

Create and Print Shipping Labels

Compatible with Royal Mail OBA, Royal Mail PPI, MyHermes, ParcelForce, Interlink and DPD. Connect your account and print all your labels from a single interface.

Order Tracking

ChannelGrabber produces your courier labels and on item dispatch, it will send the tracking number directly to eBay, Amazon or your webstore without any additional action required.

Branded Paperwork

Strengthen your brand and marketing by personalising your customers’ shopping experience with customised invoices and packing slips.


Comprehensive Integration

Connect with all of your webstores, marketplaces couriers and other popular software systems so that you can work from a single interface.

Shipping at Internet Speed

eCommerce is supposed to be fast, efficient and easy but multi-channel selling can make the process feel like you’ve stepped back in time. ChannelGrabber brings you back into the internet-age. Access your orders with lighting speed, with the rapid application of shipping rules, label printing in a heartbeat and immediate communication with your couriers and your customers.

Make Shipping easy again…

ChannelGrabber’s shipping features enable you to manage multi-channel order processing and e-Commerce shipping with the same ease and speed as you used to experience with your webstore alone.

With its convenient, easy-to-use interface, ChannelGrabber provides you with an efficient and effective means of managing the dispatch of your orders and avoids you logging into multiple systems and websites. And by shipping faster and without errors, ChannelGrabber helps to improve customer experience and your seller ratings too.


  • Multiple Sales Channels, one system

    Shipping orders from multiple sales channels, using multiple couriers from one location, reduces your dispatch times.

  • Adapts to your ways of working

    ChannelGrabber flexibly adapts to your needs, rather than forcing you to conform to a standard way of operating.

  • Minimise errors

    With one orderbook, one system, one interface, one workflow and one process, costly and time consuming shipping mistakes are avoided.

  • Save valuable time

    ChannelGrabber delivers significant improvements in time efficiency with our customers reporting a 90% reduction in time spent dealing with dispatch-related administration.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Rapid dispatch and timely communication leads to happier customers and higher seller ratings.

  • More than just a Stock Management System

    ChannelGrabber is a complete end-to-end solution for all online retailers also handling inventory, orders, billing and messaging across multiple sales channels.

There’s more to ChannelGrabber than Shipping Management

Shipping management is just one of the many great features of ChannelGrabber. It is a suite of tools designed to manage every aspect of online retail administration.

ChannelGrabber integrates with all your sales channels, couriers and more, and helps you with stock and order management, invoicing and messaging.

With ChannelGrabber, you’ll feel like you’re managing one business again – not many.  It saves you so much time, it will feel like you have a new, and very efficient, member of your team!

manage your multi-channel orders and shipping

Size doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, a few years down the line or shipping orders by the boatload, ChannelGrabber grows with your business.  Its adaptive, intuitive processes ensure that no matter how many SKU’s you have and no matter how much stock you carry, we can make it more manageable.

Substantial time savings can be achieved no matter how big you are. Think of us as an extra member of staff, but at a fraction of the cost!

Seamless Integration

ChannelGrabber integrates with all of your favourite marketplaces, webstores and shipping carriers and our list of integration partners is growing all the time.