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Easy Message

Simplified amazon and ebay message management

Simple eBay and Amazon Message Management

ebay and amazon message management
Simple eBay and Amazon message management
ChannelGrabber is fully integrated with eBay and Amazon messaging systems to read and track messages sent to and from users.
Easily see all messages awaiting a response and mark messages as resolved when no further action is required. This creates a simple workflow that you, and your staff, can easily follow.
Never miss a message again, and nail that customer service.

Managing communication and feedback with your ebay and amazon buyers

Improve communication,
improve feedback
With ChannelGrabber you can assign employees to specific messages. By doing this you can keep track of who is dealing with what issue, and also see which messages have not yet been picked up. We find this improves communication with buyers, improves response times and consequently increases positive feedback on both eBay and Amazon.
improve amazon ebay customer feedback

Better communication with ebay and Amazon customers

Automatically link messages to orders
We don’t just tell you there's a message waiting. After receiving a message we will automatically search for any orders placed by that user, so when you come to reading the message we can link you directly to the order they’re referring to, or any order they have ever placed previously.
This also works the other way around, any order you receive will be linked to any message received from that user! This gives you all the information you need at your fingertips, ready and armed to respond appropriately.
link messages to amazon ebay orders

Link Amazon and eBay messages and communication to the order

Things go wrong.
It’s how you respond that matters
It is a fact of business that inevitably, a customer is going to need to speak to you. Whether they’re asking for a tracking update, or opening a dispute. It matters not just how you deal with it, but also how promptly you deal with it.
By using ChannelGrabber you will be notified of any message, any dispute, any query, the instant it is received. You will be notified without needing to leave our system to check a 3rd party or Amazon and eBay themselves, and can respond immediately too.
increase amazon ebay message response times
What’s more, our system integrates with all of your favourite marketplaces, webstores and shipping carriers.
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