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Retailing through a single channel to market whether eBay, Amazon or your own webstore creates tiresome order management administration which grows as your sales and order volumes increase. But the workload can be handled using the order processing features available on each of these outlets.
But as your business expands, so will your need to make your products available to your customers where they want to buy them – and that means multi-channel selling – and each and every sales channel brings with it another system to log into, another user interface to navigate around and another set of processes to manage when handling your orders. And because your orders reside in different places, it can sometimes feel you’re running multiple businesses. Business reporting and analytics become incredibly difficult and getting a holistic view of your business can seem impossible.

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Channelgrabber's Order Management Solution
ChannelGrabber solves these problems by providing a single, fully-integrated system with one user interface, and one location from which you can view and manage your orders wherever they originated.
That’s because ChannelGrabber integrates seamlessly with your webstore, eBay, Amazon and many other sales channels. It fetches your orders from those channels in real time and syncronises any changes you make back to the originating system.
Multiple Channels, One Orderbook
Access all of your eBay, Amazon and webstore orders through a single interface with which you can efficiently process them from start to finish.
Bulk Actions
Brings all your orders together so you can select them and action them with a single click, saving time and reducing errors.
One-Click Processing
Instantaneous processing of all or batches of orders with a single click.
Scan to Dispatch
Scan your invoice using any standard barcode scanner to either view the order or mark the order as dispatched, eliminating the need for manual entry.
Multi-Courier Integration
Connect with all of your couriers, scan, label and dispatch all orders from a single interface.
Ideal for Small & Medium Retailers
With its adaptive and intuitive processes, ChannelGrabber grows alongside your business. This makes management easier no matter your order volume.

Simple order processing with our ecommerce order processing software

All Your Online Orders in One Place
This means you don’t need to log in to multiple systems or websites to keep track of and process your orders anymore. And with all of your orders in one place, you can now benefit from executing bulk actions. This allows you to action all or batches of them all at the same time. So for example, you can select all new orders (orders paid for but not yet dispatched) and then with a single click of the action button you can process them all instantly.
Make Order Processing Easy Again
ChannelGrabber’s order management features bring all of your orders into one location and enables you to interact with them through a single interface where you can efficiently process them from start to finish. With one interface, ChannelGrabber makes processing multi-channel orders as easy as managing orders on a single channel and dramatically reduces the number of administrative tasks involved in receiving an order, to processing it and to getting it out of the door.
ChannelGrabber allows you to scan your invoice using any standard barcode scanner to either view the order, or mark the order as dispatched. When you scan that barcode from any page of the ChannelGrabber application, ChannelGrabber will perform the action. And because ChannelGrabber syncronises with your sales channels in real time, your buyer and shipping partners are informed in seconds.
Suits Any Size of Business
Scales as your business grows and it’s priced based on order volumes so cost is aligned with your own success.
Massive Time Savings
Our customers report up to 90% savings in time required to access and process their orders.
Minimise Errors
With one orderbook, one system, one interface, one workflow and one process, costly and time consuming mistakes are avoided.
Greater Speed
By using a single system and a unified order processing methodology, you will process orders more quickly and reduce dispatch times.
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Greater efficiency, faster order processing, fewer errors and more timely communication leaves happier customers and higher seller ratings.
Not Just an Order Management System
ChannelGrabber is a complete end-to-end solution for all online retailers also handling listings, stock, billing, shipping and messaging across multiple sales channels.

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There’s More to ChannelGrabber Than Order Management
Order processing is just one of the many great features of ChannelGrabber. It is a suite of tools designed to manage every aspect of online retail administration. ChannelGrabber integrates with all your sales channels, couriers and more and helps you with product listings, stock management, invoicing, shipping and messaging. With ChannelGrabber, you’ll feel like you’re management one business again – not many and it aves you so much time, it will feel like you have a new - and very efficient member of your team!

Online order management software for small & medium retailers

Size Doesn’t Matter
It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, a few years down the line or shipping orders by the boatload, ChannelGrabber grows with your business and its adaptive, intuitive processes ensure that no matter your order volume we can make it more manageable.
Time savings can be achieved no matter how big you are. Think of us as an extra member of staff, but at a fraction of the cost!

Seamless Integration
ChannelGrabber integrates with all of your favourite marketplaces, webstores and shipping carriers and our list of integration partners is growing all the time.
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