Whether multi-channel selling drives your growth in sales volumes or is necessitated by it, positioning your stock in more than one outlet will be inevitable. Whether you are selling on the highstreet, through a webstore, through an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay, on or all of the above, properly managing inventory across all of your sales channels can be the key to your success.

Maximising sales across multiple sales channels requires you to expose your inventory through all of them. But unless you can adjust stock levels in real time, you risk overselling and disappointing customers. Split your stock up in virtual silos and you risk missing out on larger orders you could have fulfilled.

You have to view your inventory as one and make it available to all through every channel but to do this you must engage in real-time stock management. Every time you sell an item, the stock level has to change in every sales channel in real time. This is relatively easy to do if your sales volumes are low, sales are few and far between or if you have only a couple of sales channels to manage but as your business grows, your stock management challenges can become a real headache.


ChannelGrabber solves these problems by providing a single, fully-integrated system with one user interface, and one location from which you can list your stock and manage it across all of your outlets.

That’s because ChannelGrabber integrates seamlessly with your webstore, eBay, Amazon and many other sales channels. It makes all of your stock available everywhere at once and manages your stock levels in every outlet in real time syncronising any changes across them all instantaneously.

The table below outlines ChannelGrabber’s inventory management functionality and the business benefits of each.

Functionality Specifics Benefits
Import your listings No need to create products manually, we will find and import every active listing from your connected channels to quickly and easily create your inventory list in our system which can then be used for stock management and for adding to manual orders

Save time and have a system that is instantly usable

  Match the same item from all channels where is it sold (assuming the same SKU is used) to sync products/stock levels between channels

Save time and administration as items are automatically matched by SKU – no manual product mapping needed

Group variations of the same product together Automatically organises all variations from the same listing together, for easier viewing and stock management of similar products

Get an easy-to-understand inventory list

  Automatically adjust stock levels for items that are allocated to a Manual Order

Keep stock up to date on the online channels even when you sell elsewhere

View status of a product Easily view the status of a product across all channels where it is listed, making it easy to spot and resolve any potential errors or problems

Keep more listings active therefore allowing for more sales

View/Amend total stock Quickly and easily check and update total stock levels

Avoid human error and improve accuracy of stock levels and reduce the risk of overselling

View available stock A detailed breakdown shows only unsold stock that is available on your channels and syncs all channels to the same quantity

Share stock over multiple marketplaces to increase sales potential on all channels

View Undispatched Stock A detailed breakdown shows if you have stock that has been allocated to an order (is not available to customers to buy on your channels), but has not yet been sent out

More accurate records of exactly how much stock you have – avoid stock discrepencies

Choose / apply an advanced stock mode e.g. “list up to a maximum of” or “fix the level at” Offers greater flexibility than just always showing your total available stock on all channels

Create sales strategies around this to boost sales

  Helps to create urgency on the channels as customer believes you only have a few left in stock so they are more likely to buy

Increase sales

  Helps combat selling limits by showing less stock to the channels than you really have, therefore allowing you to sell more different items overall, rather than having just a few products eating up your limits

Increase potential sales across a greater range of products

  Keep a listing live even if you have no stock left eg. you can make or order more at short notice and don’t want a listing to end due to no stock

Keep a steady flow of sales, rather than downtime when a listing runs out of stock


Save time rather than having to manually add more stock to a listing constantly or manually re-list an item after a listing has ended du to no stock

Stock management Sync stock levels automatically across all channels

Saves time/manual work and human error by reducing admin


Avoids negative feedback from disappointed customers (when they order something you have run out of)


Having all stock held centrally can help with stock forecasting

Share FBA stock with other channels Have more stock available to sell on all channels

Increase your sales potential

Add product weight and dimensions Makes processing courier labels in ChannelGrabber much quicker as the courier interface automatically loads in the weights and can use dimensions to calculate the package type (for some couriers), saving them having to be entered manually for every different order

Save time when creating courier labels

Set VAT rates per product Keep invoicing accurate but also flexible by setting the VAT rules per product (eg. you might sell adult clothing at 20% VAT and children’s clothing at 0% VAT)

More accurate invoicing and reporting

View listings and status Easily see which of your connected channels an item is already listed on, and identify products that need to be listed on more channels

Improve exposure and increase sales

Stock export Easily export a spreadsheet of products and current stock levels, for the purposes of stock checks, accounting, backups etc

A concise and simple list of all SKUs which is easier to manipulate/update than doing so manually in ChannelGrabber


Stock data can be used elsewhere / outside of ChannelGrabber if needed

Stock import Easily import new stock levels to update the quantities in ChannelGrabber in bulk

Saves time over manually editing each product/variation stock levels one by one


Stock levels from other systems/outside of ChannelGrabber can be imported in quickly and easily, giving greater flexibility for working alongside other systems/processes

Purchase orders With a few clicks, create a list of items from your inventory that you want to re-order from a supplier, which can be downloaded and sent to your supplier

Increase efficiency and accuracy of making orders to supplier

  With one click, book all stock from a completed purchase order into the system – no need to scroll through spreadsheets or manaully import or calculate stock levels

Save time and reduce human error

Delete products Remove products from the products page at any time

Keeps only relevant inventory in ChannelGrabber for management

Order processing is just one of the many great features of ChannelGrabber. It is a suite of tools designed to manage every aspect of online retail administration. ChannelGrabber integrates with all your sales channels, couriers and more and helps you with product listings, inventory management, invoicing, shipping and messaging. With ChannelGrabber, you’ll feel like you’re managing one business again – not many and it saves you so much time, it will feel like you have a new – and very efficient member of your team!