The Ultimate Guide to Multichannel Order Management Software





What is multichannel order management?




Right, let’s start from the beginning. Essentially, there are 3 main stages to an order management process:


  1. 1. Receiving an order
  2. 2. Picking, packing and shipping
  3. 3. Order delivery

And there’s a lot of pressure to get this right. To put it bluntly, customers expect the best from you, every single time. And if they don’t get it, they go elsewhere. End of story. So we need to take a look at each stage in the process, examine potential problems, and streamline (jargon alert!) the steps to make the whole system run nicely.

Multichannel order management software can help with this. But you already saw that coming. In this post, we cover the specific ways that software can smooth out each step of the process.


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What is SaaS order management?




No, it’s not order management with attitude. SaaS (software-as-a-service) order management is a system that’s hosted in the cloud. And you pay a subscription to a vendor who hosts and is responsible for the software functionality/upgrades/updates. You just need internet access to use the system. But there’s a lot of fears floating around about SaaS (channelling the Jaws theme tune SO hard right now).

If you’re already familiar with concerns about the security of the cloud, you may be thinking ‘why not just use traditional software?’. It’s a safe and familiar option. Or is it? (Shush, music.)


We put together this article to give you an overview of:

  • > How SaaS order management shapes up against traditional, on-premise software
  • > A side-by-side comparison of cost, maintenance and security (eye-opening stuff)
  • > Whether SaaS OM systems legitimately help business processes and growth
  • > The common concerns about using SaaS and how to get around them



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 Should I use software to process my eCommerce orders?




Or rather, ‘do I really want another expense?’. Nobody likes paying out for stuff if they don’t have to.

But if you do need order management software, and you’re trying to get by without one, what is that really costing you in terms of customers and sales?

And we mean this in the least judgy way possible: are you giving the best possible customer service you can give? We’re not gonna break into song here about how to fulfil your potential or whatever. It’s just that it’s been found that there can be a Grand Canyon-esque gap between what businesses think they’re offering and what customers feel they’re really offering. And that gap could be costing you more than order management software would.

But let’s not jump ahead too far here. Your business may not need an order management system yet. Discover what the 3 major signs are that you do need some software, along with the perks that an OMS offers you:



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How do I choose the right order management software?




Ok, so now you’ve established that yeah, you kinda need order management software. But there’s a load of choices on the market which makes things harder for you. Let’s be honest, we think we like having choices but it complicates things.


And you want to find the right fit for your business of course. We’re always worried about making the wrong choice, to the point where we’d rather not choose anything at all. Ah, human psyche, you annoying creature.

So we’re gonna break it down. Instead of charging in and rabidly hunting through vendors’ websites, take a step back. No point rushing in without an action plan. There are things you can do before you start sussing out vendors, that’ll make the whole process easier.

This post will:

  • > Run through what you need to do and think about before you start your search
  • > Give you a checklist that you can work through to make the selection process smoother
  • > Go through the specific things to look for when assessing potential vendors

To be honest, the really cute dog pic at the end is reason enough to click:



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Which is the best multichannel software?




The moment of truth. As we mentioned above, you want the best for your business. This is super anti-climactic at this point but . . . there is no best system. At the risk of sounding corny, it’s about finding the right one for you.  But you know how you don’t want to get too far into a relationship before discovering that your significant other inhales nail clippings or something equally weird? You’d rather know the ‘quirks’ early on, right?

It’s the same with your order management software. It’s best to get the full picture, warts and all, before you get too attached to a particular provider.  

If only someone would make a beast of a post breaking all this stuff down . . .  well, we did. And you may be thinking ‘well obviously, you’re gonna twist it to paint ChannelGrabber as the best one’. No twisting, honest.

This post is an objective view of 15 order management software providers, with all the pros and cons.



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What does ChannelGrabber do?






You mean aside from guzzling a shocking amount of milk in our office? Well. We make your order management easier. We’ve had customers report up to 90% in time saved when handling their orders with us.

You get a choice of paying monthly or annually (with two months’ free if you choose annual).


Price is based on order volume which you can upgrade or downgrade anytime if you need to, which means you're never paying for more than you actually need.


You get an unlimited number of users included in the cost also.


 You also get these order management features:

  • > Your webstore and marketplaces are all brought together in a simple interface
  • > Order timelines, so you can click into individual orders to view details or check status
  • > Batches of orders and pick lists can be created easily for a smooth warehouse process
  • > Bulk action orders with one click, saving oodles of time
  • > Multi-courier integrations, so you can manage shipping and print labels without needing to log into different courier accounts
  • > Shipping labels and invoices are rolled into one, to avoid wasting printing resources
  • > Scannable invoices to quickly mark orders as dispatched
  • > Parcel tracking information is sent out automatically to your customers, which keeps them happy


And those are just the order management features which you can learn more about here. We offer much more than that to help your business grow.



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